Our values

Our values guide the decisions we make and help us to achieve our goals.
They’re what makes us, us.

We get stuff done

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We let our actions speak for themselves

We understand that ideas are nothing without the determination to make them happen.

We don’t give in

We’re unfazed by failure and persevere to find solutions to ‘impossible’ challenges.

Realising great ideas starts with good communication

We communicate with efficiency, openness and honesty, asking for help as naturally as we offer it to others.

We’re in it together

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We’re one team

Collective success is important to us, and we’ll go above and beyond to support the Arq family in building a brighter future for global energy.

We’re optimistic

Like a family, we don’t always agree, but we’re all optimistic about our long-term goal to better use the world’s energy resources; cleaning up environmental liabilities and innovating to improve the products we offer.

There’s always a better way

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We’re all naturally curious

We openly embrace change and are always receptive to new and exciting ideas to further our development.

We’re all about fresh thinking and smart technology

We know we can get more from the world’s energy sources. That’s what excites us.